How to keep your spectacles clean

Keep your eyewear clean

Cleaning your eyeglasses daily will keep them in good condition and prevent the lens scratches.
But there is one right — and many wrong ways to clean your glasses.


How to clean your glasses

1. Wash and dry your hands.

Before cleaning your eyeglasses, ensure your hands are free from dirt, grime, lotion and the rest that would be transferred to your lenses. Use lotion-free soap or detergent and a clean, lint-free towel to wash your hands. How to clean your eyewear

2. Rinse your glasses beneath a mild stream of lukewarm water.

this may take away mud and foreign bodies, which may facilitate avoid scratching your lenses after you clean them. Avoid hot water, which may destroy some lens coatings.

3. Apply a tiny drop of lotion-free detergent to every lens,

Most washup liquids are very condensed , so use a small quantity Or apply a drop or 2 to your tip instead. Use solely brands that without lotions or hand moisturizers

4. Gently rub either side of the lenses

and every one components of the frame for a few seconds. Ensure you clean each half, together with the nose pads and therefore the ends of the temples that rest behind your ears. And make certain to wash the part where the edge of the lenses meet the frame, where dust, rubbish and skin oils will accumulate.

5. Rinse either side of the lenses

and the frame . Failing to get rid of all traces of soap can cause the lenses to be dirty after you dry them.

6. Gently shake the glasses to eliminate most of the water

from the lenses. Examine the lenses to make sure they're clean.

7. Dry the lenses and frame with a clean, lint-free towel,

Use a towel that has not been laundered with a cloth chemical or drier sheet (these substances will smear the lenses). A cotton towel that you simply use to wash dishes could be a sensible choice. Ensure the towel is clean. Dirt or rubbish within the fibers of a towel will scratch your lenses. Vegetable oil, skin oil or lotion within the towel can smear them.

8. Εxamine the lenses once more.

If any streaks or smudges stay, remove them with a clean microfiber cloth — these lint-free cloths square measure out there at the most optical outlets or photography stores.
To clean your glasses when you do not have a microfiber cloth, try wet cleaning wipes in individual containers. These are specially formulated for use with spectacle lenses. Do not use substitutes.

Cleaning your glasses Dont's

Cleaning your eyeglasses - Dont's

DO NOT use your sleeve,

or other cloth to clean your glasses, especially when the lenses are dry. This can scratch your lenses.

DO NOT use saliva to wet your lenses.

DO NOT use household cleaners ,

liquids for glass or surface cleaners to clean your glasses. These products have components that can damage lenses and coatings such as anti-reflection coatings.

DO NOT use kitchen roll, napkins,

Or toilet paper to clean your lenses. These may scratch or stain your lenses or fill them with fluff.

Better care for your eyewear

How to take the best care for your spectacles

How To take away Scratches From Glasses

Unfortunately, there's no magic cure for scraped lenses. Once your glasses are scratched, they're scratched.
Some products are designed to make the scratches less visible — however these ar primarily waxy substances that wear off fast, and results are mixed, depending on the situation and depth of the scratches. Also, these product typically can smear lenses that have AR coating.
In addition to reflective light-weight and intrusive with vision, scratches will have an effect on the impact resistance of the lenses. For optimum vision and safety, the simplest factor to try to to if you notice vital scratches is to get new lenses.
Next time you have your new glasses made, select lenses that have a sturdy scratch-resistant coating.