Googles Ski Sunglasses Oakley O2Snow 7048 59-099 Viper Red Scribble Persimmon - size 0

   Shield , color Viper Red  plastic , lenses orange Persimmon  plastic

Sunglasses Oakley O2Snow 7048 59-099 Viper Red Scribble Persimmon
SUNGLASSES  Oakley O2Snow 7048  59-099 Viper Red Scribble Persimmon
Oakley O2Snow 7048
Frame Color:Viper Red -  Lenses Color:orange Persimmon
Oakley model O2Snow 7048 color 59-099 Viper Red Scribble Persimmon
Googles Ski SUNGLASSES  Oakley O2Snow 7048  59-099 Viper Red Scribble Persimmon
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With the certificate of authenticity provided by the maufacturing company.

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New collection . Size: 0 Oakley O2Snow 7048 59-099 Viper Red Scribble Persimmon 0 Frame plastic Viper Red lenses orange Persimmon Goggles Snow Ski Full Rim Goggles Snow Ski

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  • • Brand:    OAKLEY
  • • Model:    O2SNOW 7048
  • • Color:    59-099 Viper Red Scribble Persimmon
  • • Frame:    Viper Red
  • • Frame material:    plastic
  • • Lenses:    orange Persimmon
  • • Lenses material:    plastic
  • • Type:    Googles Ski
  • • Shape:    Shield
  • • Size:    0 mm
  • • UPC:     700285654430
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SUNGLASSES OAKLEY O2SNOW-7048 59-099 Viper Red Scribble Persimmon, Googles Ski,trendy style, dynamic shape Shield. These glasses are made of plastic , plastic , and the color is Viper Red.
The lenses of the SUNGLASSES OAKLEY O2SNOW-7048 are orange Persimmon and 100% UV filtering for best sun protection.
Impress and be seen wearing the SUNGLASSES oakley O2SNOW-7048 59-099 Viper Red Scribble Persimmon!!! 
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    OAKLEY-O2SNOW-7048 59-099 Viper Red Scribble Persimmon SUNGLASSES

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