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Contact Lenses
Contact lenses Alcon FreshLook ColorBlends (με περίγραμμα) Έγχρωμοι

Contact lenses FreshLook ColorBlends (με περίγραμμα)
Only: 23,89€

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Oakley PRIZM Daily Sunglasses
Oakley PRIZM Daily Sunglasses
OAKLEY PRIZM® Lenses, adjust the wavelengths of light entering the eye to enhance the colors in which the eye is most sensitive to detail. OAKLEY PRIZM DAILY POLARIZED Lenses are specialized for perfect vision in everyday conditions maximizing the perception and emphasizing the details, eliminating reflections. Find the entire collection Oakley in http://www.eye-shop.gr/oakley
Oakley PRIZM™ Road Sunglasses
Oakley PRIZM™ Road Sunglasses
PRIZM™ Road lens enhances your vision in both bright light and shadows, helping riders spot changes in the texture of the road surfaces Helps endurance athletes spot subtle changes in the texture of road surfaces so they can react faster and perform at their best.
Dolce Gabbana Sun and Eyewear Fall Winter 2016
Dolce Gabbana Sun and Eyewear Fall Winter 2016
Dolce - Gabbana focuses on the Italian theme for its fall-winter 2016 campaign photographed on location in the Naples, Italy’s cobblestone streets. The fashion brand tapped photojournalist Franco Pagetti to capture the advertisements on the city street while the locals join models Bianca Balti, Leila Goldkuhl, Sasha Kichigina, Mayowa Nicholas and Cong He for a series of energetic images. From embroidered coats to bold and vibrant prints, the images serve a vibrant portrait of Italy.
Northern Lights Sunglasses
Northern Lights Sunglasses
Designed in British Columbia’s coast mountains, luxury eyewear brand Northern Lights Optic channels the intrepid spirit of early alpine explorers. Handcrafted from the highest quality materials, the unisex collection reframes heritage silhouettes for modern wear, as reflected in the design of its signature mountaineering glasses.
Lily Aldridge wearing Celine new sunglasses
Lily Aldridge wearing Celine new sunglasses
Celine 41373 sunglasses are a high fashion finish on Lily Aldridge's workout wear Sportswear is so fashionable these days, the most stylish ladies don't think twice about teaming it with their best designer sunglasses. And as she shops at Isabel Marant with buddy Taylor Swift, it's another French name Lily Aldridge flaunts in her frames. The model's a staunch Ray-Ban fan but has made room in her sunglasses collection for some from French fashion house Celine. She loves distinctive refined retro styles. It's no surprise she has fallen for this model, new from Celine. A luxe take on the essential round it combines both acetate and sleek metal for a really luxuriant feel. Celine's Tie Hinge detail with its metal arrow and pins makes for a subtle signature and refined decor. This is a trend and we love it at EyeShop. That's what great designer sunglasses are for - bringing a luxe twist to every occaison. Try it - you'll like it…
New Blue cut coated lenses for use with led screens
New Blue cut coated lenses for use with led screens
New Blue cut coated lenses for use with led screens
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